Singing Audition in 2021 | Upcoming Singing auditions in 2021

Singing auditions in 2021

Upcoming singing auditions in 2021
Singing auditions in 2021

Singing Auditions in 2021 | Upcoming singing auditions in 2021

Upcoming singing auditions in 2021, would be with a difference. Considering the current situation, we are putting the safety of our staff first and its singing auditions  will have very restrictive singers from each city. Post the Covid-19, the team has decided to conduct the audition at no cost. The singing auditions in 2021, will be held starting from the 15th of March 2021.

How do i go about it ?

Step 1: Register yourself on our portal by submitting your contact details

Step 2: Subscribe on the portal by clicking on the bell icon, or allowing the portal to send notification.

Step 3: Record your voice using your phone recorder, without any music and whats app it to us on +91 9665757378

That’s it you are done. Our audition team will get in touch with you within 2 working days.

What’s in it for me ?

  1. You stand a chance to playback in the upcoming music album for Kreataz Productions.
  2. Get an exposure to sing in a professional recording studio
  3. The chosen on will stand a chance to feature on the official youtube channel of Team Kreataz.
  4. Get on the spot feedback from the Jury on your “areas of improvement”.
  5. Opportunity to live your dream !

Do I need to be a trained singer ?

No as far as you have a good voice and a good understanding of rhythm, you don't need to be trained.

I am a rapper ? Can I apply as well ?

Yes, you absolutely can apply, the auditions are not genre  based.

I can't sing in Hindi ?

That is absolutely fine, as there is no language barrier. You can sing in any language you like.

What about my data security ?

Please be advised, we do not disclose / share any personal information to anyone, under any circumstances. Further the website uses encryption, and is completely secure.

Do I have to pay anything ?

No there is no applicable fees at all in any of the rounds.

We have tried answering most of the FAQ's, however if you still have any questions please feel free to mention that in the comments section.

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    Rajmohan Kumar - July 1, 2021

    Hi my name is rajman Kumar I am a singer I am a classical song

    1. Super_admin
      Super_admin - July 24, 2021

      Your query seems to be incomplete. Can you let us know what is your question.

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