Do you have Stage Fear ?

If you get butterflies in your stomach on stage or your heart beat increases drastically, you will not be able to give your 100% for sure. You being judged on that performance is not fair at all.

So the question is what or how can you avoid this fear and give your best, following are the ways you could try.

  1. Before entering the spotlight: Remember you are a born winner, try and recollect why your parents named you what you are. Say it loudly “whats my name ?” and remind yourself, you are here to make a difference and its only you who can nail it.
  2. Try connecting: with the audience / judges by having a short talk. If possible let them know you are a bit nervous and crack a joke if possible.
  3. Talk a bit loudly: than usual to get rid of your fear.
  4. Do not keep expectations: Do not think about what the results would be or what the audience / judges are thinking about you.
  5. Create your comfort zone: once you are in control of the situation, remember you get into the character, for e.g you are singing a solo, and the character expressing words is very sad, try and live the character for that moment, the expressions and feel of the song will have a very positive impact.
  6. During your performance: try and remain connected to your audience and the judges, if possible. Try and enjoy the moment, let your self free and live those moments.
  7. Do everything it take to be yourself don’t be bothered about others and focus only on your performance.
  8. In the end: Remember you have no regrets what so ever. Listen to the Judges if they are giving you any feedback, just be patient, listen to them like a good student and be courteous.

We hope these tips can help you perform better. Comment and let us know if such articles can help you.

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