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Kreataz Productions Pvt. Ltd. has been incorporated with its objective to provide a fair platform to the well deserving individual. Team Kreataz believes in creating opportunities rather then waiting for things to happen. The team encourages artists to produce their own contents and guides them to launch them through various online channels Including its own portal.












Male and female models required for our upcoming video Album, the character calls for an age group between 18-24 years. The characters are expected to have excellent facial expressions, with a little or no dialogues at all. If you think you can express yourself well. Please upload your portfolio, our team will contact the artists and will further advise.


If photography and cinematography is your passion and you own your own Camera, you are the one we are looking for. We need Cameraman across the nation to help us deliver better. The job would involve shooting of our ...


We are looking for dynamic team of editors across the nation to help us edit our contents. The editor is expected to know Premier Pro. Help us with your show reel and our team would brief you regarding the upcoming projects.

Stand-up Comedians

If you can entertain people by delivering your original content. You are the one we have been waiting for. We are looking for Standup comedians who can deliver a minimum of 20 minutes of original contents for our upcoming web ...

SFX Artists

Does animation drives you work late nights, and are you passionate about animation from title animation to SFX, create your profile and showcase your show reel. The best ones will get to work with Team Kreataz on its...


The Portal and any events are independently run by Kreataz Productions Pvt. Ltd. Our efforts are to keep the website clean with no advertisements. The portal is privately managed and Team Kreataz reserves its rights to Promote or Block any user. The Karaoke tracks are either purchased or supplied by the singers, Team Kreataz does not help its singers with any Karaoke track /s. Please use the Portal for constructive deeds. Kreataz Productions has no formal contracts with any TV Channels or any realty shows.

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