About Us

Kreataz Productions Pvt. Ltd. has been established to contribute the Entertainment Industry, with some new Subjects, fresh Thoughts and with a different perception all together. The company believes, that India has lot of Talent which is going to waist each year, as is not getting the right exposure. Many of the strugglers have to give up their dreams and take up a job to support their basic needs others get exploited and are forced to sell their hardwork...only to survive. And the story continues... The Objectives of the company are very clear, the intention is to get the right exposure to the right Begginer / Struggler.

Creativity has no limit, and expands with every new perception engaged, hence respective person would be given complete freedom to be his / her original under the expert supervision.

We intend to Produce a commercial, film and our experts have already started doing their homework. We have come a long way, and see ourselves starting the shooting few months down the line. As if now, Kreataz Productions is looking out for some fresh voice, with that X-Factor, to touch the souls of every listener.

So get ready for the big one.

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